Technical Expert
Technical Expert
Dr. K.S. Laddha (Ph.D.Tech.)- Faculty , Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai

Dr. Laddha have been involved in the research and development of Medicinal Plants since more than a decade. The scope of his work includes development of methods for the extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents and scaling them up to industrial level and development of method for standardization of herbal raw material as well as formulations based upon these phytoconstituents.

Some of the projects which have been executed are : Development of extraction method for Forskolin, Ellagic acid, Andrographolide, Embellin, Ecdysone, Hesperdin, etc. Enhancement of gum output from plant using hormones. Other than this he has a extensive knowledge about Aloe vera and has setup quite a few aloe vera manufacturing units. He is also a member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association and Indian Society of Pharmacognosy.

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