phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants Mumbai
Physio & Phyto Chemical Analysis
Herbal formulations have reached extensive acceptability as therapeutic as well as nutritional agents. Hence, the need for development of authentic analytical methods which can reliably profile the phytochemical composition, including quantitative analysis and testing of marker/bioactive compounds and other major constituents, is a major challenge to the corporate sector to cater to the above needs. THS has set up a laboratory which is fully equipped with skilled, trained, technical manpower for testing of herbal and nutraceutical products.

Physiochemical Analysis
Physiochemical analysis often plays important role in drug standarization. These tests are simple and quick to perform and give valuable information about the nature and purity of a drug. Physiochemical analysis includes a vast range of services such as :

Physical Analysis
  Ash Value   Acid Insoluble Ash
  Water Soluble Ash
  Sulphated Ash
  Extractive Value   Alcohol Soluble Extractive
  Ether Soluble Extractive
Surface Tension
Optical Rotation
Congealing Point
Chemical Analysis
Color Boiling Point
Odour pH
Taste Refractive Index
Particle Size Solubility
Moisture Content Swelling Factor
Melting Point Rf Value
Phytochemical Analysis
The activity of any herb is dependent on the class of phytoconstituents or specific phytoconstituents being present in it. In majority, of the herbals which are in use the knowledge about these is fairly known. Therefore, it is necessary to devise a method of standardization based upon the presence of these chemicals. These chemicals are broadly categorized into two groupsí viz. Product of primary metabolites and secondary metabolites.

THS provides Qualitative as well as quantitative phytochemical analysis for determination of powder, raw herb, extract or formulation for detection of primary and secondary metabolites such as :

Primary metabolites
Nutritional Value
Calorie value
Vitamins A,B,C,D
Secondary Metabolites
Antioxidant Hydroxyl Radical Scavenging Activity
Superoxide Anion Scavenging Activity
Total Antioxidant Activity Assay (ABTS);
DPPH & Nitric oxide Scavenging Activities

We use Indian Pharmacopoeia, The United States Pharmacopeia and The National Formulary, European Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, American Chemical Society and AOAC International compendia methods of analysis for raw material and final product testing.