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  • Dr. K.S. Laddha (Ph.D.Tech.)- Faculty , Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai
Dr. K. S. Laddha (Ph.D.Tech.), is a faculty at Institute of Chemical Technology (Formerly University Department of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai), Matunga (E), Mumbai for the last 20 years. He has been actively engaged in the research and development in the field of Natural Products of Herbal origin. His expertise lies particularly in development of extraction technology, extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents and standardization of herbals using phytoconstituents as markers.

  • Dr. H.M.Pandit (Ph.D.),- Faculty , Khalsa College, Mumbai
Dr. H. M. Pandit (Ph. D.) is a faculty at Khalsa College, Mumbai in the Botany Department for the last 25 years. His specialization is in cytology and he has been engaged in identification of plant materials particularly medicinal plants by its morphological features and microscopical techniques.

  • Dr. T.N.Vasudevan (Dr. Rer Nat. Germany)- Ex. UDCT, University of Mumbai faculty, Mumbai
Dr. T. N. Vasudevan (Dr. Rer. Nat.) formerly faculty at University Dept. of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai. His expertise is in Phytochemistry and Plant biosynthesis.

  • Dr. Anil Shukla (M.D. Ayurveda)- A.Podar Hospital, Mumbai
Dr. Anil Shukla (M.D.) is a ayurvedic practioner and associated with Poddar Hospital, one of the prestigious ayurvedic hospital in Mumbai. He has been involved in designing of ayurvedic formulations and determining their clinical efficacy.

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