Herbal drug formulation,Ayurvedic formulation development
Formulation and Product development
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We at THS have the capability to assist our customers in formulation development in regards to ancient ayurvedic literature to develop a new formulation depending on the requirement of the customer. Our techincal expertise can also assist in the improvement of exisisting formulation for better efficacy. We have helped our esteemed customers to develop time tested new herbal formulations as well as modern nutraceutical formulations.

Our formulation development capabilities include :

  • Feasibility study
  • Formulation composition
  • Designing of dosage form
  • Process optimization
  • Scale up
Product Development
We at THS work with you to determine the proper herb or herb combinations to produce the desired results. We also provide assistance/consultancy to customers in development of product as for their requirement in a specific ailment.