For many years, standardization of herbal medicines could not progress much for the want of availability of phytoconstituents/marker compounds. At THS, we have carefully analyzed this problem and we are now offering more than 100 phytoconstituents available with us with complete analytical profile in ready stock, which can be conveniently used as marker compounds for ascertaining the quality of raw material or finished products. These phytoconstituents are useful for standardization of herbal raw material, extracts and formulations made from those herbs. This list would be constantly upgraded to include more phytoconstituents to cater the growing need of herbal drug standardization.

NO. Item
11 10 DAB (10 Deacetyl bacchatin)
22 Aloe emodin
33 Amygdalin
44 Andrographolide
55 Apigenin
66 Artemisinin
77 Artennuin
88 Atropine sulphate
99 Barbaloin
110 Bargapten
111 Berberine HCl
112 Betulin
113 Betulinic acid
114 Brucine
115 Caffeine
116 Calcium sennoside
117 Capsaicin
118 Catechin
119 Chlorogenic acid
120 Cholesterol
121 Colchicine
122 Curcumin 1
123 Curcuminoids
124 Diosgenin
125 Diosmetin
126 Diosmin
127 Ellagic acid
128 Embelin
129 Emodin
130 Ephedrine HCl
131 Epigallo Catechin  Gallate
132 Esculin (Aesculin)
133 Ferulic acid
134 Forskolin
135 Glycyrrhetinic acid
136 Hesperidin
137 Hordenine
138 Inositol
139 Kaempferol
140 Karanjin
141 Lawsone
142 l-Dihydroxyphenyl alanine (l-DOPA)
143 Lupeol
144 Luteolin
145 Mangiferin
146 Marmelosin
147 Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate
148 Naringenin
149 Naringin
150 Neohesperidin
151 Oleanolic acid
152 Paenol
53 Phytol
154 Phytosterol
155 Piperine
56 Protocatechuic acid
157 Psoralen
158 Quercetin
159 Quinine sulphate
160 Rabaudioside A
161 Reserpine
162 Resveratrol
163 Rutin
164 Salicin
165 Sesamin
166 Shikimic acid
167 Silybin
168 Silymarin
169 Stevioside
170 Strychnine sulphate
71 Taxifolin
172 Thiocolchicoside
173 Umbelliferone
174 Ursolic acid
175 Vinblastin sulphate
178 Yohimbine HCl
THS has the potential to supply more than 100 phytoconstituents to students and companies for research.
Herbarium Sheet
A herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens. Most herbaria consist of mainly dried, pressed specimens. If stored properly, such pressed specimens can be preserved for hundreds of years.The medicinal plant herbarium comprises a unique ethnobotanical collection focusing on medicinal plants with a use in traditional or contemporary medicine. Medicinal plants from many parts of the world are represented in the collection. The medicinal plant herbarium is used in both teaching and research. An important function of the herbarium is to house voucher specimens of authentic medicinal plant material. We provide such herbarium sheets of requested herbs to add to your collection.
Authentication certificate
Herb authentication is a quality assurance process that ensures the correct plant species and plant parts are used as raw materials for herbal medicines. The proper authentication of herbal raw materials is critically important to the safety and efficacy of herbal medicines. We carry out Identification and authentication of botanicals, medicinal plants and raw herbs according to Indian, British,European Pharmacopoeia by taxonomy, morphology, macroscopic, microscopic, histochemical, chemical and chromatographic techniques. The certificate will be provided by a recognised Botanist.