Contract Spray Drying
Total Herb Solution (THS), headquartered in Lower Parel and Research facilitynear Thane, THS is a Science-Based Contract Research Organisation (CRO)who support students as well as corporates working in Natural Extract, Natural Colour and Nutraceutical etc. sector by providing research services on contract basis.With a dedicated science & research division and quality control testing laboratory, this state-of-the-art facility can put the resources you need toward developing unique spray dry products or your standard proven products.

THS Spray Dryer Technologies

Spray drying is the process of converting the mixture of liquid form to a powder. This is done by removing the moisture component from the liquid solution. The solution, sometimes called an emulsion, is sprayed through a nozzle into a chamber that simultaneously has hot air being blown into it. As droplets of the solution are released through the nozzle and come in contact with the hot air, the moisture content of each droplet is removed, thus turning it from liquid to powder form. From moisture levels to particle size, color, pH and more, just show us the product specifications you need. Our Fully Automatic spray dryer can process a wide variety of product types without ignoring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our spray dryer has a nominal water evaporative capacity of 1L per hour, H2O. Along with Lab Spray drier, we have a High-speed Lab Homogenizer + Lab Bead-Mill to reduce the particle size of the material.

Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer

  1. Drying gas in

  2. Heating of drying gas

  3. Spraying of solution or suspension

  4. Drying chamber

  5. Part between drying chamber and cyclone

  6. cyclone

  7. Drying vessel is taken away

  8. Collection vessel of product, arrows mean that this is co-current lab-spray dryer

Contract Spray Drying Industries and Applications

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Ingredients
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Extracts, colourings and other products


As a top Contract ResearchOrganization,THS team knows the spray drying process inside and out. When it comes to contract spray drying or any of our other services, the THS team is eager to lend our expertiseContact us Today to learn more about our contract spray drying services and how THS can help you to meet your goals.