Academic Zone
THS has instituted a special division to cater the need of herbal drug requirements in academic institutes like Pharmacy colleges (For Pharmacognosy), Ayurvedic colleges (Dravyaguna) various other colleges which have herbal and botanical departments. We deal with complete range of requirement for these courses which comprises of crude/ayurvedic aushadhi, fixed oils, volatile oils, bhasmas, Medicinal Plant photographs, Pharmacognosy charts, teaching aid, etc.

THS, being the herbal analytical laboratory, test's botanical/herbal/nutraceutical products with widely accepted methods including those recommended by Indian Pharmacopeia, Indian Herbal Pharmacopeia, United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Herbal Compendium, China Pharmacopoeia, or other professional scientific organizations, or "in-House" methods to match your new discoveries of herbs or herbal extracts.