Juffa The Herb with Miraculous Properties
Juffa or Hyssop Officinalis is the herb with miraculous properties. The herb has an interesting history and finds mention in Bible. Perhaps one of the oldest herbs, Juffa was used extensively by the Israelis to keep evil spirits at bay. It was also used as an aid to boost the spirituality, to purify the body and to help in meditation. It became so popular within the Christian community that it was even used in Church as a symbol to cleanse the body and soul of all sins one had committed.

Juffa leaves are intensely aromatic. They have a strong mint aroma and therefore these can be added to mouth fresheners and as flavoring agent in foods. The leaves have a mild bitter taste and therefore it is used sparingly in cooking.

The strong aroma and its ability to gel well with other oils such as cedar, rosemary, eucalyptus, orange, grapefruit and many more, it is widely used in the fragrance industry to create alluring scents and perfumes. Its minty aroma gives a tangy twist to the perfume when blended with other sweet or sour fragrant oils.

Because of the strong aroma, beekeepers use it to give honey a rich aroma.

Talking of the medical benefits, Juffa is an excellent decongestant and is widely used in medicines to cure respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, sore throat and common cold and cough.

A few drops of Juffa oil or dried leaves when added to steam water helps clear chest congestion.

This bright colored shrub is also known to have digestive properties and helps boost digestion. For those suffering from loss of appetite and indigestion or have that bloated feeling after meals can use juffa to relieve the symptoms.

Juffa stimulates the mind and therefore it is added in medicines that boost memory and improves concentration.

Juffa oil is a fantastic antidepressant and relieves stress, mental fatigue and anxiety. It uplifts mood and improves tolerance of both mind and body and makes it healthy. As such, Juffa forms an important ingredient for antidepressant medicines.

Its healing properties help in treating wounds and cuts quickly. It works wonderfully on treating infections of all kinds such as lung infections, throat infections and more. Not just that, it has properties to curb the infection microbes and prevents the onset of infection.

Its mild diuretic properties and hence if you have fluid retention problem, juffa will help release fluids by producing more urine. As such, it may also help in regulating the blood pressure.

Truly, Juffa is a herb with miraculous properties and has multiple uses. However, to get optimal benefits of this wonder herb, you need to assure that you procure the herb from a trusted source. The color of the herb should be bright even after drying, else it will lose its real value due to oxidation and decoloration.

At THS, our team of experts checks the quality of the herb in our in-house laboratory before procuring it. Thus, our clients always get the best quality herbs and derive optimal benefits.

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