Aloe Vera Ė Natureís Miracle
Considered a miraculous medicinal plant, Aloe Vera has been helping mankind for thousands of years. For centuries, people have relied on its unique properties to help heal and nourish the body. The Aztecs used it as a drug to treat many diseases. From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra and Christopher Columbus, all of them knew of its benefits. In more recent times, when Mahatma Gandhi was asked how he managed to have so much energy despite all his fasting, he replied that he drank Aloe Vera juice every day.

A storehouse of nutrients

Aloe Vera grows in hot and dry climates, in soil which is rich in minerals. There are over 300 different types of Aloe Vera, but only 5 of them are known to be useful to mankind. Of these 5, the most potent variant is Aloe Barbadensis. Aloe Vera looks like cactus, but itís actually a member of the lily family. Under the rind of the leaf, there is a sap system, and under this system is what we call mucilage, which is the main part of this plant that boosts our immune system. It contains over 200 nutritional compounds, including at least 20 minerals, 12 vitamins and 18 amino acids, along with enzymes which help in digestion or are anti-inflammatory.

A boon for natural detoxification

After separating the skin from the inner part of the plant, the leaf gel is carefully segregated. This gel is the most essential part of the Aloe Vera plant. One of the most important constituents of this plant is Acemannan, which has a positive effect on the immune system and can also reduce inflammation and free radicals, which considerably improves the oxygen supply. Poor eating habits, environmental pollution and stress weaken our immune system, leading to free radicals causing micro inflammation throughout the body. This can seriously damage the blood vessels and cause the capillary walls to swell. Aloe Vera reduces this swelling, causing the blood cells to flow faster and subsequently improving the oxygen supply, while removing the toxins and impurities more quickly. It also keeps your intestine clean by removing the clogging material which accumulates due to excessive fat and oil in your diet.

All ingredients work in unison

Anti microbial agents present in the plant kill harmful bacteria in our body. Itís this unique combination of the beneficial ingredients and the way in which they interact with each other and results in a healing effect. Alogn with providing vital nutrients to your body, Aloe Vera also cleanses your body for ensuring better absorption of these nutrients.

Modern research corroborates its benefits

Traditional medicine agrees with its properties of detoxification, purging, fat reduction and acid neutralization. According to modern medicinal research, it has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and blood lipid concentration and has actually shown to lower cholesterol levels. If youíre exhausted from extreme exertion, a glass of Aloe Vera juice will put you back in action.

Herbal medicine is the in thing

Herbal alternative medicines and cosmetics with Aloe Vera as its base are becoming exceedingly popular with the health conscious population worldwide. Companies are now investing heavily in herbal research and setting up plans which manufacture only herbal cosmetics and medicine.