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For many years standardization of herbals could not progress much for the want of availability of phytoconstituents/marker compounds. At THS we have carefully analyzed this problem and we are now offering more than 30 phytoconstituents available with us with complete analytical profile in ready stock, which can be conveniently used as marker compounds for ascertaining the quality of raw material or finished products.
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Raw Material
Unlike synthetic chemicals herbal raw material can not be produced in factories. They have to be obtained from the field/ natural habitat. Our expert both from the field as well as from lab will ensure sourcing of high quality material free from impurities and extraneous matter. THS provide genuine quality herbal raw material in crude form or in powdered form. Our wide range include drug of Indian as well as of foreign origin.
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Because of complexity of the chemical composition, the analysis of herbal drug is the major problem in the development of the herbal drug industry. THS is first and unique of its kind in the country to establish exclusive herbal drug testing facility in Mumbai. In order to ensure quality of final product herbals has to go through battery of quality control parameters. A proper integration of physical, chemical, microbial, spectral and chromatographic analysis will ensure proper analysis of herbals.
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Contract Research
The organization is instituted with the main intension of providing research and development input for the Herbal drug industry, Ayurvedic formulators, Nutraceuticals and Functional foods organizations. Our team comprises of botanists, process technologists, analysts, and clinical pharmacologists who in turn will ensure a product of high quality and efficacy.
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Nutraceuticals and Functional foods
are foods or dietary components that may provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. Biologically active components in functional foods may impart health benefits or desirable physiological effects. Functional foods are an important part of an overall healthful lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and physical activity. Functional attributes of many traditional foods are being discovered, while new food products are being developed with beneficial components.
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We provide consultancy for procurement of raw material, formulation development, setting up testing parameters, cultivation of medicinal plants, setting up extraction units, extraction of phytoconstituents, etc. We also provide consultancy services for development of nutraceutical products, biofertilizers, biopesticides and animal nutrition formulations.
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Pharamacognositical Requirement
THS has instituted a special division to cater the need of herbal drug requirements in academic institutes like Pharmacy colleges (For Pharmacognosy), Ayurvedic colleges (Dravyaguna). We deal with complete range of requirement for these courses which comprises of crude/ayurvedic aushadhi, fixed oils, volatile oils, bhasmas, Medicinal Plant photographs, Pharmacognosy charts, teaching aid, etc.
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In herbal drug analysis, trained man power plays a major role. We at THS have realized this problem and to overcome we have specially designed herbal drug training program of 1 week. The course covers practical aspects of herbal drug analysis which include preparation of samples, selection of method of analysis, application of proper method of analysis, interpretation of analytical data, nature of phytoconstituents, application of spectral methods of analysis, etc.
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Literature Review and Writing Services
A complete survey of the existing knowledge on the product, its intended applications and ingredients is essential prior to designing a herbal formulation. Our review of traditional and scientific literature on the medicinal plants helps planning further work and also for seeking regulatory approvals
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