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Forskolin: A Wonder Drug?

Standardization Plant Extract,validation of herbs,THSForskolin shot into limelight in recent times because of being hailed as the new weight loss buster on a popular American television show. It was widely promoted to be the sure-shot solution for a rapid belly melt and becamesensationally popular. Besides being touted as a weight loss supplement, it had gained fame for being helpful in treating leukaemia, angina, high blood pressure, glaucoma etc. Continue reading

Identifying the Phytoconstituents

Natural Products Testing,Formulation Development ServicesThe use of medicinal plants for treatment of various diseases has been prevalent in India since ancient times. Substances which have therauptic properties can be present in any part of the plant such as the leaf, bark, roots, stem, flowers, seeds or fruits. These medically active chemical components present in plants are known as phytoconstituents or phytochemicals. Phytoconstituents are being closely studied for their antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and other pharmaceutical functions. Continue reading

Preformulation Steps for Development of Herbal Cosmetic Formulations

Standardisation of herbal drugs,Standardisation of ayurveda drugsA large part of the global population is realising the valuable contribution of phytoconstituents in cosmetic formulations. There is greater awareness about the harmful effects of UA-A and UV-B radiations on the individual’s skin. Continuous exposure to sunlight leads to the production of free radicals which play havoc with the skin. Loss of elasticity, roughness, wrinkling, development of fine lines and in some acute cases even skin cancer are the resulting effects. Continue reading

Growing Importance of Indian Herbal Medicines

Turnkey herbal product development,herbal clinical trials indiaIndian herbal medicine refers to the traditional medicinal system of Ayurveda which is being practiced in the country since ancient times. More than 70% of the population in rural areas depends on this form of medicine which uses medicinal plants for its preparation of herbal drugs. The percentage of population resorting to Indian herbal medicine in western countries for treatment of several diseases is also on the rise. Continue reading

Herbal Cosmetics- Exciting Business Opportunity

Turnkey herbal product development,private label herbal supplementCosmetics have become an integral part of every woman’s life. In today’s times, the average male has also become conscious of his looks and appearance. More and more people are leaning towards cosmetic products that can give results sans the side effects.

Reasons for growth of the cosmetic industry

Since the times Indian women have been crowned at various beauty pageants, the cosmetic industry in India has come much into limelight. It has witnessed a steady growth over many years and the increase in fashion consciousness and purchasing power of the people is going to add to this growth momentum. Continue reading

Herbal Extracts containing Useful Phytoconstituents

phytoconstituents,standardization of herbal medicines,standardization of herbal raw material, extracts and formulations ,herbal drug standardization,Phytoconstituents are becoming more known for their properties of protecting the skin from ravages of environmental pollution, UV-A and UV-B radiation, weather, aging etc. These are present in herbal extracts and form the main constituents of herbal cosmetics. Various groups of phytoconstituents like,proteins, dyes, carbohydrates, tannin and many others supply nutrients essential for healthy skin or hair. Continue reading