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Impurities in Herbs

India introduced Ayurvedic medicine to the world and today it is being practised and used globally by hundreds and millions of people. The basic ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine largely includes herbs of various types. The benefits of these innumerable herbs have been studied since ancient times and subsequently they have been used for their therapeutic properties. However, with rapid industrialization, the methods of herb cultivation and its natural environment have changed drastically. Exposure to industrial effluents and chemicals has raised issues of safety and integrity of the herbal drugs. Continue reading

Developing New Herbal Products

India is a vast treasure house of medicinal herbs and plants which are incorporated into alternative systems of health-care like Ayurveda, Homeopathy,Naturopathy etc. Millions of people in India are followers of these systems which are practised by qualified medical practitioners.

Considering the popularity of India’s pluralistic healthcare system, the search for new clinical effects of such medicinal herbs and plants is a never ending one.Many herbal products research laboratories are carrying out extensive work on medicinal plants available in India. Various aspects like pharmacology, phytochemistry, clinical trials, formulation-research and safety studies are included in their scope of work. Continue reading

Five Herbs You Can’t Ignore in Rains

Rain showers, in most cases not only cause physical discomfort but also lead to outbreak of various water borne and other diseases. The humid climate, accumulation of stagnant waters are conducive factors for the growth of viruses. The exponential rise in their numbers is one of the main reasons for spread of diseases. Common colds and flu become rampant and along with them viral fevers, hepatitis, cholera as well as other respiratory tract infections. The body’s immune system is weak in majority of people and thus they fall prey to such outbreaks.

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